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FYTA - set of 3 pcs + pH-Kit

Have you broken the stick over your maids or do you like a bit of technology? The FYTA sensor, with the help of modern technologies developed in Germany, represents a small revolution in the care of indoor plants. Thanks to its sensors that collect data based on humidity, light and temperature, FYTA analyzes the necessary data for healthy plant growth, and through the mobile application you know the exact state of your plant. You will never forget to water the plant at the right time, you can easily find out everything in the application on your phone. The package includes a PH tester set and 3 FYTA sensors.

What can the FYTA sensor do with the mobile app?

  • Suitable for all potted and indoor plants in standard substrates
  • Monitors soil moisture, nutrient supply, temperature and light exposure
  • Analyzes plant-specific data
  • Plant recognition using a smartphone camera 
  • Huge database with over 1400 plants and specific instructions for healthy plant growth
  • The FYTA sensor is waterproof
  • Hybrid power supply with a battery life of over 2 years 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection to smartphone, optional extension to WiFi possible with FYTA Hub 

Technical Specifications:

  • The body is made of recycled plastic 
  • Weight: 20g 
  • Dimensions: 56 x 32mm (body), 75mm (rod length), best suited for pot height 10-15cm, interchangeable bottom rods in different lengths available at FYTA store 

Package contains:

Pack of 3 FYTA sensors + pH-Kit and printed manual.

For the correct functioning of the FYTA sensor, download the application on Google Play orAppstore .

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FYTA - set of 3 pcs + pH-Kit

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