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Epipremnum & Scindapsus

A genus of plants called Epipremnum and Scindapsus, which are also called creepers. All of these types of plants are climbing plants, so they can be grown as hanging plants or let them climb up a support (blackthorn, peat sticks...) They are undemanding plants that reproduce well, do not require special care and are suitable for almost any interior. We wrote an article to learn more about these plants.

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Epipremnum N'Joy Gold
Regular price 289 Kč
    Epipremnum Golden - hanging
    Regular price 549 Kč
      Kokedama Epipremnum Marble Queen
      Regular price 699 Kč
        Epipremnum Global Green
        Regular price 319 Kč
          Epipremnum Marble Green
          Regular price 399 Kč
            Kokodama Climbing frame mix 3 pcs
            Regular price 1 399 Kč
              Kokedama Epipremnum Global Green
              Regular price 699 Kč
                Kokedama Epipremnum Neon
                Regular price 699 Kč

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