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Mandatory information and links ÚKZÚZ

The entity fulfills the obligation of registration for phytosanitary purposes, without exception, valid for online sellers of plants, plant products and other objects subject to phytosanitary regulation. At the same time, they fulfill the obligation to provide regulated commodities during internet trading (distance contracts) with a phytosanitary passport, even in the case of supplies of these commodities to end users. These obligations are based on Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 of the European Parliament and Council on protective measures against harmful plant organisms, which comes into effect on 14 December 2019.

The registration number for DMP Group s.r.o. is: CZ-1650

More information can be found at these links:

The ÚKZÚZ website can be found at:
ÚKZÚZ | ÚKZÚZ (eagri.cz)

Regulation 2016/2031 can be found at:
EU legislation | ÚKZÚZ (eagri.cz)

The phytosanitary regime can be found at:
Phytosanitary regime | ÚKZÚZ (eagri.cz)

Import to the EU (import from third countries) can be found at:
Imports from third countries | ÚKZÚZ (eagri.cz)

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