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Go on a journey to the green world of plants with Zuzka and Tomáš!

The founders of the popular e-shop with maids will give you their guaranteed tips and introduce you to modern growing trends - from plant propagation to pest control to hydroponic cultivation without a substrate. He will also reveal to you the secret of making plant terrariums, kokedams or moss paintings, which will become charming additions to your home. With this inspiring guide, your love of growing plants will blossom to unprecedented proportions.

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About a book

Get ready for a fascinating journey into the world of indoor plants with a book that will excite and inspire you. Give Me a Maid is a unique guide full of love, care and knowledge about these green beauties that can transform your home and life. From small, undemanding plants to rare specimens.

Zuzka and Tomáš, the founders of the successful Dej mi pokojovka e-shop, will guide you not only with guaranteed tips and tricks for cultivation, but also provide you with information on the latest trends among growers so that you are up to date. Their passion and practical knowledge are the basis of their success and the inspiration for the book Give Me a Maid.

But that is not all! Give Me a Housemaid will show you how to really take care of your plants, what their needs are and how to provide them with the ideal conditions for growth. With clear and easy-to-understand instructions, you'll have all the tools to become a master houseplant grower.

What about the creative side? Zuzka and Tomáš will reveal to you the secret of making beautiful plant terrariums and kokedams or moss paintings, which will be charming additions to your home. Your plants will not only beautify the space, but will also become a source of inspiration for creating original arrangements.

Give me a maid is an essential guide for anyone who wants to have a green paradise full of plants at home. This book will surprise you, inspire you, and give you all the knowledge you need to flourish as an expert houseplant grower.

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