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Discover our exclusive collection of flowering indoor plants that will bring not only greenery to your home, but also beautiful and colorful colors . In our offer you will find a wide range of flowering plants - from those commonly available to unique and less known species, ideal for any plant lover, whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower . All our plants are carefully selected directly from the growers with quality and health in mind to bring you the most joy .
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Phalaenopsis Dazzling Diva
Regular price 649 Kč
    Phalaenopsis Cotton Candy
    Regular price 649 Kč
      Phalaenopsis Lausanne
      Regular price 699 Kč
        Guzmania Hope
        Regular price 499 Kč
          Tillandsia Antonio
          Regular price 529 Kč
            Vriesea Intenso Red
            Regular price 549 Kč
              Guzmania Deseo Yellow
              Regular price 499 Kč
                Guzmania Deseo Pink
                Regular price 499 Kč
                  Guzmania Fiero Orange
                  Regular price 499 Kč

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