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Aglaonemas , which are also called "sleeping virgins" are unpretentious indoor plants that are suitable even for beginners. These are slower-growing houseplants, which are very resistant to pests, undemanding to light and temperature conditions and, moreover, a perfect choice for hydroponic cultivation. Aglaonemas are most often in various green colors, but also a number of species with pink-red shades.

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Aglaonema Crete
Regular price 589 Kč
    Aglaonema Maria 'S'
    Regular price 499 Kč
      Aglaonema Cutlass
      Regular price 659 Kč
        Aglaonema Maria Christina
        Regular price 689 Kč
          Aglaonema Snow White
          Regular price 999 Kč
            Aglaonema Maria 'L'
            Regular price 1 799 Kč

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