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Alocasias are houseplants that are very striking with their long stems, sometimes decorated, and require more space. Some species are known as "elephant ear" because they resemble elephant ears. Alocasia generally belongs to the rather demanding houseplants , which are sensitive to temperature, humidity and overflow. We deal with alocasia in our article .

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Alocasia Polly 'S'
Regular price 399 Kč
    Alocasia Red Secret
    Regular price 629 Kč
      Alocasia cucullata
      Regular price 499 Kč
        Alocasia Silver Dragon 'baby'
        Regular price 319 Kč
          Alocasia Portodora "XL"
          Regular price 2 629 Kč
            Alocasia Dragon Scale 'baby'
            Regular price 249 Kč
              Alocasia Black Velvet
              Regular price 629 Kč
                Alocasia Polly 'M'
                Regular price 599 Kč

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