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Palm trees and cycads

Palm trees and cycads are hardy plants suitable for any interior. Primarily, we classify plants from the genus "areca" under palm trees, for example, the well-known areca palm and other species. Plants that resemble palm trees in appearance, but are not technically classified as palms, are for example plants from the genus Dracaena.

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Chamaedorea elegans 'S'
Regular price 249 Kč
    Areca lutescens 'S'
    Regular price 249 Kč
      Dracaena Magenta
      Regular price 199 Kč
        Dracaena compacta
        Regular price 199 Kč
          Chamaedorea elegans 'baby'
          Regular price 149 Kč
            Cordyline Kiwi
            Regular price 219 Kč
              Howe Forsterian "XL"
              From 1 899 Kč
                Dracaena fragrans Janet "XL"
                Regular price 1 699 Kč
                  Cordyline frutisoca Tango
                  Regular price 219 Kč

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