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Baby maids

Indoor plants of small stature , which we transplant into our own substrate, thanks to which they not only grow better, but also better tolerate the stressful conditions during transport. Plus so tiny. Most plants are 5-9 cm in pot diameter

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Calathea Vittata 'baby'
Regular price 149 Kč
    Syngonium Maria 'baby'
    Regular price 149 Kč
      Pilea peperomioides 'baby'
      Regular price 99 Kč
        Crassula Buddha's Temple 'baby'
        Regular price 199 Kč
          Monstera Thai Constellation 'baby'
          Regular price 2 599 Kč 1 299 Kč
            Philodendron Pink Princess 'baby'
            Regular price 219 Kč
              Spathiphyllum Pearl Cupido 'baby'
              Regular price 149 Kč

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