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Citrus fruits

Tropical and exotic citrus from warm regions will bring a piece of exoticism and a Mediterranean feel to your home. A number of citrus fruits are grown well even in ordinary home conditions, and some species produce juicy fruit without much effort.

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Citrus Calamondin
From 1 549 Kč
    Citrus Green Lime
    From 1 539 Kč
      Citrus Lemon
      From 1 539 Kč
        Citrus Red Lime
        From 1 539 Kč
          Citrus Hystrix
          From 1 539 Kč
            Citrus Calamondin Variegata
            Regular price 2 199 Kč
              Citrus Kumquat
              From 1 529 Kč

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