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Suitable for pets

Carefully selected indoor plants that are suitable for pets. Experienced growers know that most plants contain poisonous essential oils and latexes that can cause discomfort and poisoning if ingested. We therefore try to choose plants that are safer for dogs and cats. In the case of rodents, we recommend putting the plants out of reach.

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Asplenium nidus Crispy Wave
Regular price 349 Kč
    Pachira aquatica 'S'
    Regular price 499 Kč 369 Kč
      Ctenanthe burle-marxii Amagris
      Regular price 349 Kč
        Asplenium antiquum
        Regular price 299 Kč
          Phalaenopsis Dazzling Diva
          Regular price 649 Kč
            Phalaenopsis Cotton Candy
            Regular price 649 Kč
              Phalaenopsis Lausanne
              Regular price 699 Kč
                Guzmania Hope
                Regular price 499 Kč
                  Tillandsia Antonio
                  Regular price 529 Kč

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