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Climbing and overhanging houseplants have tendrils and suckers or just wrap and crawl. It is advisable to give them more light and airy space. We recommend planting in hanging flower pots. Among the most popular overhanging / climbing plants are houseplants from the genus Epipremnum, Syngonia, Scindapsus, Hoya or Peperomia.

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Monstera Standleyan
Regular price 1 299 Kč
    Monstera Deliciosa "M"
    Regular price 429 Kč
      Epipremnum Marble Green
      Regular price 399 Kč
        Set of Monstertrojka plants
        Regular price 1 327 Kč 1 062 Kč
          Philodendron Red Beauty
          Regular price 2 999 Kč
            Philodendron Sodiroi
            Regular price 1 399 Kč
              Monstera Thai Constellation 'baby'
              Regular price 2 599 Kč 1 299 Kč
                Kokodama Aeschynanthus
                Regular price 899 Kč

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