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Climbing and overhanging houseplants have tendrils and suckers or just wrap and crawl . It is advisable to give them more light and airy space. We recommend planting in hanging flower pots. Among the most popular overhanging/climbing plants are houseplants from the genus Epipremnum , Syngonia , Scindapsus , Hoya or Peperomia .

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Kokedama Philodendron scandens
Regular price 749 Kč
    Kokedama Hedera helix
    Regular price 699 Kč
      Monstera Standleyan
      Regular price 1 599 Kč
        Cissus Ellen Danica - hanging
        Regular price 999 Kč
          Epipremnum global green - hanging
          Regular price 629 Kč 549 Kč
            Philodendron Pastazanum
            Regular price 1 199 Kč
              Set of Monstertrojka plants
              Regular price 1 677 Kč 1 426 Kč
                Philodendron Red Beauty
                Regular price 3 299 Kč
                  Philodendron Sodiroi
                  Regular price 1 499 Kč 1 299 Kč

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