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Green Wonder 'baby' climbing ivy

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Hedera helix is ​​photographed in a Mini Bucket pot. The package contains a plant in a plastic pot.

About the plant:
Hedera Helix (climbing ivy ) comes mainly from Europe and Asia. It is a woody climbing plant from the genus Aralkovite. The ivy is a compact, climbing, self-supporting, evergreen shrub that can climb a support even without it. The usually arrow-shaped leaves are smaller and dark green in color, although there are also many species with multi-colored leaves. Ivy is a moisture-loving plant that does not like direct sun and dry air. It is mainly a relatively fast-growing indoor plant that can grow several tens of cm per year.

Hedera Helix "Green Wonder" is a dark green ivy with rosette-shaped leaves.

Difficulty: For beginners
Cleans the air: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Suitable for hydroponics: Yes
Suitable for Kokedama: No

Approximate height of plant with pot : 15 cm
Diameter of the flower pot : 8 cm

Every plant is different, just like us humans. Please allow for a possible deviation in appearance compared to the product photo.

svetlo Light

The plant needs enough diffused light for healthy growth, but not too much. It tolerates partial shade well. The plant thrives well away from windows. Remember that every plant needs light, in complete shade the plant withers and dies.

zalivka Watering

Ivy loves a semi-humous substrate that is well permeable. It hates permanent waterlogging and also does not cope well with a lack of water. Keep the substrate always moist.

vzduch Humidity

Increased air humidity will benefit the plant, but it can also tolerate drier conditions if you keep watering well.

mnozeni Propagation

Ivy propagates well by cuttings. It is enough to let the cuttings take root in water.

problemy Common problems

Dry leaves usually mean overwatering or, conversely, too much dryness or sunburn. Ivy can be susceptible to weevils that are not easily seen.
Green Wonder 'baby' climbing ivy
8 cm - 99 Kč
  • 8 cm - 99 Kč

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