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Substrate Forestina Profík - Sowing and propagation

The most important thing for propagating houseplants is a quality substrate. Choose the one we use.

This suppressive substrate will serve you well for sowing and propagating plants. It is a mixture of sorted dark and light peat with perlite and adjusted pH. The substrate FORESTINA Profík contains fertilizer with the necessary nutrients that contribute to the smooth rooting of cuttings and the germination of seeds . In addition, it is enriched with the fungus Trichoderma virens, which prevents fungal diseases that cause plants to fall and die, and also with the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae, which acts as a prevention against damage to the plant by insect pests. The suppressive substrate for sowing and propagation meets the high demands of both home growers and professionals due to its composition .

Packaging: 5 l

Substrate Forestina Profík - Sowing and propagation

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