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Philodendron Mamei (A)
Philodendron Mamei (A)
  • Philodendron Mamei (A)
  • Philodendron Mamei (A)

Philodendron Mamei (A)

End date: 03-24-2023 - 02:30:00 PM
Winning bid: 500 Kč (7 bids)

Information for the auction:

The starting price of the auction plant is CZK 150. each bidder must be a registered customer of our e-shop and have billing and contact information filled in (e-mail, telephone, delivery address, first and last name.) The minimum bid is CZK 50. You will always be notified automatically by e-mail about bid changes. In case of confusion, contact us. Shipping outside of personal pickup is CZK 129 , which will be charged on the invoice. In case of confusion, contact us. The winner of the auction is obliged to pay for the plant first, then it is sent by parcel or the winner is contacted for personal collection.

The object of the auction is the rare Philodendron Mamei

Approximate height of plant with pot : 30 cm

Diameter of the flower pot : 12 cm

About the plant:

Philodendron Mamei , sometimes also " Silver Cloud " with bright green heart-shaped leaves are decorated with silver variegation. The leaves are grooved and the petiole is usually reddish. The beautiful leaves and unique appearance make Philodendron Mamei a truly rare plant.

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Bidder Amount Date
M******* S******* 500 Kč 03-23-2023 - 09:08:37 AM
D***** Š****** 450 Kč 03-21-2023 - 02:34:49 PM
V******* T********* 400 Kč 03-20-2023 - 09:12:01 PM
K******* H******** 350 Kč 03-20-2023 - 07:49:36 PM
V******* T********* 300 Kč 03-20-2023 - 07:29:29 PM
K******* H******** 250 Kč 03-20-2023 - 07:13:15 PM
B****** K********* 200 Kč 03-19-2023 - 04:14:36 PM
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