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Monstera Karstenianum

Monstera is photographed in the Ferry pot in the second photo. The package contains a plant in a plastic pot.

About the plant:
Monstera karstenianum is a climbing plant from the Aronaceae family. It may be better known under the names Monstera Peru or Epipremnum Marble Planet. It comes from the tropical forests of Central and South America. Compared to Monstera deliciosa (magnificent), it is characterized by its smaller stature and smaller leaves, which are distinctly veined. It is suitable for smaller apartments, but it needs a suitable support for its climbing. It is most typically used as an ornamental plant.

Other house monsters are characterized by their carved leaves, yet this one is not carved. Their texture is very strange, they can appear like Braille when touched. We have already mentioned its climbing, moreover, it grows quickly, therefore it is more or less necessary to purchase a support rod, made either of moss or, for example, coconut fibers. We can also buy a hanging basket in which we will grow the monster.

Difficulty: For beginners
Cleans the air: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Suitable for hydroponics: Yes
Suitable for Kokedama: Yes

Approximate height of plant with pot: 30 cm
Diameter of the flower pot: 12 cm

Every plant is different, just like us humans. Please allow for a possible deviation in appearance compared to the product photo.

We wrote more about monsters in  our article .

svetlo Light

The plant needs enough diffused light for healthy growth. Avoid direct sunlight, which could burn the leaves. The ideal site is the north and east side near the windows or the west side with fading weak sunlight.

zalivka Watering

Allow the substrate to dry a little before watering again. You can stick your finger in the soil and if it's dry, water - if not, wait a few days.

vzduch Humidity

An increase in air humidity benefits the plant, so we can dew.

mnozeni Propagation

Stem cuttings that root in water or soil are very easy to propagate.

problemy Common problems

  • Overwatering: Too much water can cause root rot, yellowing and leaf drop.
  • Dry leaves: Dry air and low humidity will cause the leaves to dry out.
  • Curled leaves: Cold air (most often drafts) can cause leaves to curl.

Customer Reviews

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Kristýna Šifnerová
Vetší, než jsem čekala :-)

Dlouho jsem vybírala, kde si tuhle monsteru pořídím a svého rozhodnutí nelituji. Krásná a veliká rostlina. Pečlivě zabalená.

Monstera Karstenianum

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