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Aglaonema Pink Star

Aglaonema is photographed in a Seda pot. The package contains a plant in a plastic pot.

About the plant:
Agalonema, called the "sleeping virgin" or Chinese evergreen plant, is a perennial herb of the Aronaceae family, usually with spotted lanceolate leaves (most often white-green or red-green). The species Aglaonema Pink Star impresses with its deep pink-red leaves with green edges and spots. It is also referred to as Lucky plant (according to Feng Shui), i.e. a plant that brings luck and financial success.

It has small flowers and its fruit are poisonous berries. It comes from the shady tropical forests of Southeast Asia. The flowers of this indoor plant are found only in summer and their color is white or yellow. In indigenous conditions, it also has its importance in medicine, as it is given for the external treatment of various insect stings, snake bites or ulcers.

Difficulty: For beginners
Cleans the air: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Suitable for hydroponics: Yes
Suitable for Kokedama: Yes

Approximate height of plant with pot : 25 cm / 35 cm
Diameter of the flower pot : 12 cm / 19 cm

Every plant is different, just like us humans. Please allow for a possible deviation in appearance compared to the product photo.

We wrote more about aglaonemas in our article .

  • Overwatering: Too much water can cause root rot, yellowing and leaf drop.
  • Browning of leaf edges, curling: Cold and draft.
  • Withered leaves, browning of their tips: Too dry air.
  • Brown spots on leaves: Burn of leaves from direct sunlight.
  • Weevils (in case of excess light), worms, aphids, scale insects: We deal with special sprays

svetlo Light

Prefers indirect light, can handle partial shade. In winter, however, we move it closer to the window so that the light shines on it evenly and preferably throughout the day.

zalivka Watering

We water roughly once or twice a week, it prefers wetter soil. However, let the upper part of the substrate dry out between waterings. Overwatering could cause rotting of the roots.

vzduch Humidity

It is a tropical plant, therefore it requires dewing of the leaves, because it loves high air humidity.

mnozeni Propagation

Stem cuttings or top cuttings later in the spring. We place them in water where they should take root.

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Aglaonema Pink Star

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