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Happy Hour - Prayers

35% OFF for prayers. The discount does not apply to sets of plants that are already discounted and to other species that are not part of this collection

Praying or praying plants are those that usually close their leaves at night . The clenched leaves then look like hands that are folded for prayer. The praying plant tells you when it's time to sleep . The plants are always happy again in the morning. The most famous praying mantises are Calathea and Maranta. More about these plants in our article .

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Marantha Fascinator
Regular price 329 Kč
    Maranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana
    Regular price 349 Kč 279 Kč
      Calathea Lancifolia
      Regular price 499 Kč
        Calathea rufibarba 'S'
        Regular price 499 Kč
          Calathea makoyana 'S'
          Regular price 429 Kč
            Stromanthe triostar
            Regular price 749 Kč
              Calathea Orbifolia 'M'
              Regular price 729 Kč
                Calathea makoyana 'M'
                Regular price 899 Kč

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