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Christmas gift ideas

Christmas with Give Me a Maid

Christmas is a magical time full of lights, the smell of gingerbread and warm moments spent with family and friends. It is also the time when we look for the perfect gifts that would put a smile on the faces of our loved ones. In a world where we face rush and hustle every day, a gift that brings peace and well-being becomes a real treasure. And what could be a better source of peace than a piece of nature that we can bring home? For plant lovers, we have prepared a unique offer of gifts that will not only enchant with their beauty, but also bring a piece of green peace to the homes of your loved ones.

Subscription Plants

Do you want to give something that will be fun all year long? Our plant subscription is the perfect choice! Each month we deliver a carefully selected plant directly to your door, including detailed care instructions. The plant is a surprise every month and definitely something to look forward to!


We'll show you how to care for houseplants of various species like experts. You can also join our workshops to create your own kokedama, florarium or learn how to grow plants hydroponically or how to create moss paintings and more. In addition, this gift also includes the possibility of a joint trip to Prague with us!

Cockade ladies

Originating in Japan, they consist of a plant and special substrates. From these materials, a suitable plant is perfectly wrapped in a "ball" and the whole is covered with moss. Traditionally, kokedams are hung on string, macrame or placed on wet pebbles or other material.

DIY plant terrarium

Our DIY plant terrariums will become your masterpiece. Glass mini-worlds full of greenery that will enliven any interior. They are an ideal gift for those who are looking for an unusual aesthetic decoration and want to make it themselves.

Our book

For those who want to learn more, we offer our book full of advice, tips and tricks for plant care. An ideal read for any plant novice as well as fanatic.

Gift Voucher

If you are not sure what exactly to choose, a gift voucher is always a safe choice. Let the recipient choose what excites them on our e-shop dmp.cz or in person in our store, where our excellent colleagues will advise you on the selection.


In our e-shop you will find a wide range of original gifts that will make every plant lover happy. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and lots of joy with our green gifts!

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