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Fertilizer for non-flowering houseplants Forestina

Fertilizer for non-flowering houseplants Forestina

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Don't forget to fertilize your plant, it will repay you with new leaves and be much happier.

Fertilizer for non-flowering indoor plants is intended for fertilizing all ornamental plants with leaves.

composition: total nitrogen (N)-7%; of which nitrate nitrogen (N)-1.8%; ammonium nitrogen (N) - 0.8%; urea nitrogen (N) - 4.4%; water-soluble phosphorus oxide ( P 2 O 5 ) - 3% water-soluble potassium oxide ( K 2 O ) - 6%.

Kapka is a range of traditional, fast-acting and easy-to-apply full fertilizers. The balanced ratio of basic nutrients for individual species supports the healthy development of plants and at the same time contributes to the abundant deployment of buds, to the formation of leafy greens emphasizing the pattern of the leaves and a rich harvest of fruits.

Fertilizer is applied to the surface of the soil by watering or spraying on the leaves, shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly before use. Fertilize the plants once a week during the growing season, once a month in the winter.

Prepare the fertilizer solution for watering by mixing 15 ml of fertilizer with 3 liters of water.

Weight: 550g (500ml)

Fertilizer for non-flowering houseplants Forestina

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