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HappyHour - Ficuses

35% OFF on ficuses. The discount does not apply to sets of plants that are already discounted and to other species that are not part of this collection

Ficuses are houseplants that our grandmothers already loved. In the original conditions, they grow to large sizes, but even at home, with proper care, you will see respectable heights. Ficus trees can create a majestic decoration for you in large spaces, and the advantage is their ability to clean the air from harmful formaldehyde. We have written an article to learn more about these plants .

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Ficus Robusta 'S'
Regular price 249 Kč 179 Kč
    Ficus Abidjan
    Regular price 249 Kč 179 Kč
      Ficus Belize
      Regular price 299 Kč 249 Kč
        Ficus pumila White Sunny
        Regular price 249 Kč
          Ficus Lyrata
          Regular price 999 Kč
            Ficus Shivereana 'baby'
            Regular price 499 Kč
              Ficus benjamina Natasya
              Regular price 319 Kč
                Ficus microcarpa Ginseng 'S'
                Regular price 499 Kč
                  Ficus Shivereana
                  Regular price 1 699 Kč 1 399 Kč

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