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Houseplants suitable for hanging flower pots

Hanging flower pots and especially macrame hangings for plants are back in the limelight again, as they are an interesting and practical interior accessory. You can hang plants directly in a special package for a flowerpot, such as in our Charlie or Patt flowerpot, you can also make a macramé curtain using our instructions here or make a straight hanging shelf. Plants can also be seen from above on it, so species that are not overhanging (like if you make a long enough curtain) are also suitable. Otherwise, it is true that plants that stand out with their overhanging stems or abundant branching are most suitable for hanging flower pots.

You can plant one or more types of plants (if they have the same or very similar requirements) in hanging flower pots, creating diverse compositions. For a more striking look, you can hang several flowerpots next to each other, for example asymmetrically at different heights. Hanging kokedamas also look great in the space, which is a special way of wrapping the root ball of a plant with moss and then string.
You can attach the curtains to the ceiling in the classic way, or you can fix a rod or a cleaned solid branch in this way, on which the curtains with plants hang. This hanging method is increasingly seen in modern urban jungle interiors and also in our brick-and-mortar store - come and see for yourself!
When choosing a suitable plant for a hanging flowerpot, orientate yourself according to the conditions that will be created by the given placement of the plant.

Plants for very bright places

If the plant will hang near a window or even in direct sunlight, choose species that require it. Various types of candlesticks ( Ceropegia ), such as Ceropegia woodii 'String of hearts' , whose heart-shaped leaves and thin stems will decorate any interior, are excellent here. With proper care, it grows at a fast pace.

Ceropegia woodii

Candlestick Ceropegia Linearis 'String of needles' is a cute species with narrow pointed leaves that resemble needles in shape, creating a light airy impression in the pot.

You can't go wrong with a water lily ( Tradescantia ), it grows very quickly and is available in several beautifully colored variants. The old man Senecio rowleyanus 'String of pearls' , which is proud of its fleshy leaves in the shape of balls , will certainly make a show in a hanging in a bright place .

Sedum burrito is an unrivaled overhanging plant for sunny locations .

Sedum Burrito

Plants for medium bright places

The following types of plants will thrive in places where there is enough light, but not direct sunlight. Here, too, species with overhanging stems or other spatially expressive structures will stand out in hanging flower pots. Such as the very interesting and famous Pilea peperomioides . This plant is said to bring you wealth and luck. But it will certainly bring a great design element to your interior.

Pilea peperomioides

Variants of the Hoya species are also excellent for curtains . In Czech, they are called voskovky, because of their shiny, firm leaves. It ranks among the fast-growing plants, and if you don't water it (which it really doesn't like), but let the substrate dry out a little between waterings, it will reward you with fragrant flowers. These look especially beautiful in hanging pots!

Hoya carnosa Tricolor

Popular plants of the Peperomia species are also beautifully expressive in hanging pots. They are easy to grow and will make overhanging and non-overhanging species spectacular. The variants of the Aglaonema species also do not need any special care and because they have rich foliage, they will be a striking addition to this type of flowerpot.

Plants for places with little light

Fast-growing climbing plants that are also perfect for hanging pots are plants from the trinity of epipremnum, philodendron and scindapsus. Undemanding species that produce long tendrils and soon overgrow the entire flowerpot. It can do well even in semi-shade, but the more colorful the species, the more light it needs. If you don't water them, and you let the substrate dry out slightly between waterings, they will definitely be happy. Occasional dew is just a bonus, which they will gladly welcome to the improved. They are a staple in the world of hanging planters, but rightfully so! You definitely won't regret it if you try them too.

Philodendron scandens Brasil

Epipremnum aureum Marble Queen

Making your own macramé curtain for a flower pot and choosing the right plant for it is certainly not difficult. Don't be afraid to experiment and try what you like the most and fit it in a specific place in the interior. You can change and rotate the plants as you like, just be careful when handling and removing the plant from the hanger to break the leaves or stems.

I believe that you will choose the right plants from our offer!

Elizabeth Lacinová

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