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Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin
Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin
Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin
Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin
Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin
Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin

Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin

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Peperomia is photographed in the Eno pot.

The package includes: a plant transplanted by us in a plastic pot.

About the plant:
Peperomia, or pepper plant, is a plant from the pepper family (yes, this includes black pepper). Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin has deep dark green leaves with dark to red edges. The shape of the leaves is oval and slightly waxy. This is an overhanging plant suitable for hanging flower pots. With regular trimming, it maintains a nice compact shape. If you give the plant enough light, it will grow really fast.
They are most naturally found in South and Central America, but a few species can also be found in Africa. More than 1,500 species have been recorded in tropical and subtropical regions. It is an epiphyte that is often found growing on rotting wood.
Although their shape, size and colors differ, in most cases it is an undemanding shrub-like plant. Its narrow and thin flower grows in the form of a spike.

Difficulty: For beginners
Cleans the air: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

Approximate height of plant with pot: 28 cm
Diameter of the flower pot: 12 cm

Every plant is different, just like us humans. Please allow for a possible deviation in appearance compared to the product photo.

svetlo Light

This plant requires a bright place without direct sun or partial shade. If it doesn't have enough light, its leaves might start to fall off or turn pale.

zalivka Watering

We water adequately, we always wait for the substrate to dry out, it has really fragile roots that can rot with excessive watering.

vzduch Humidity

This is a tropical plant that requires increased humidity. You can mist it regularly.

mnozeni Propagation

The easiest way is propagation using leaves that can be rooted in water. It is also possible to use stem leaves or cuttings, which we stick into a mixture of peat and sand. We cover this with foil, which we remove from time to time and moisten the soil. After rooting, transplant into soil.

problemy Common problems

  • Overwatering: Too much water can cause root rot, yellowing and leaf drop.
  • Brown spots on leaves: Burning leaves from direct sunlight, watering with lime water.
  • The plant does not grow: We have to transplant the plant, soil without nutrients, not enough light.
  • Bugs, nematodes: We deal with special sprays.
Peperomia clusiifolia Red Margin

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