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Planted terrarium
Planted terrarium

Planted terrarium

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A small ecosystem of plants in one place? Thanks to the glass terrarium, you can create a small piece of nature behind the glass. We have done the hardest part for you, so you can take home the finished product.

The planted terrarium is in a glass sphere with randomly selected plants suitable for the humid environment that the sphere creates inside, and you only maintain the conditions for the plants thanks to regular watering and misting. Do you want to make your own planted terrarium? Use the DIY SET or combine accessories as you wish here .

A planted terrarium is also a suitable gift for your loved ones who love plants.

Terrarium height: 20 cm

Hole diameter: 13.5 cm

Width: approx. 23 cm

ATTENTION! Due to the nature of the goods, delivery is possible only by express delivery in Prague, Liftage or with personal collection at our store.

svetlo Light

A planted terrarium requires indirect diffused light, at the same time you can add artificial light (5000-6700K). Make sure that the moss in the terrarium does not require too much light and can handle partial shade, however, without light, the moss does not grow and suffers, on the contrary, Ficus Ginseng can also have full sun, so it is necessary to balance both plants and find a compromise.

zalivka Watering

Moss requires regular frequent dewing, it must never dry out. You can tell if the moss is growing well by the fact that new parts of the moss sprout within 2-3 months. Do not overwater the terrarium, but keep it moist.

vzduch Humidity

Increased humidity is appropriate, regular misting 1-2 times a week is sufficient. As required.

mnozeni Propagation

A planted terrarium cannot be propagated. If the moss in your terrarium grows so much over time that it needs to be reduced, you will need to rearrange the terrarium or separate the mosses. Ficus Ginseng can be trimmed and shaped as needed, the remaining branches can be left to take root.

problemy Common problems

Yellowing of the moss indicates insufficient water or the use of fertilizer or other substances. The moss must not be fertilized with anything. It also means that the moss has been dry for a long time or does not have enough light. Blackened pieces of moss or parts of moss that are too shriveled can be removed and the places covered with substrate from the terrarium. Falling Ginseng indicates shock from relocation, too frequent watering or drafts.
Planted terrarium

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