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Kokedama Nephrolepis

Production of kokedam takes 5-7 days, please expect a slight delay in your order.

Kokedama is a special way of growing plants, literally translated "moss ball", originating from Japan. Kokedama consists of a plant, a special substrate ( black clay ketotsuchi ), other components ( Akadama, zeolite, pumice, sand and peat ) are additionally mixed into the clay. From these materials, a suitable plant is perfectly wrapped in a "ball" and the whole is covered with moss. Traditionally, kokedams are hung on string, macrame or placed on wet pebbles or other material.

Caring for a kokedama

We take care of each kokedama according to the type of plant we have in it. Kokedamu water with boiled/boiled water approximately once a week. Kokedama is bothered by chlorine, we do not recommend water directly from the tap. Just place the kokedama in water for a few minutes, let it drain and hang it up again. You can tell if it needs to be watered by the weight of the kokedama and also by how dry your moss ball is. You can use a moss ball dew to keep the moss bale still moist. Kokedama is not recommended to be placed in direct sunlight.

Nephrolepis exaltata is rightfully one of the most widespread indoor ferns. Its dense bunches of curled leaves create rich overhangs and stand out beautifully as a solitaire, for example in a hanging container.

Difficulty: For beginners
Cleans the air: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Suitable for hydroponics: No

Approximate height of the kokedama: 30 cm
Diameter of kokedama: Ø 13 cm
Package contents: Kokedama, ready-made macrame for hanging

Made with love at DMP.

We are more about kokedamas wrote in our article.

svetlo Light

The plant prefers a brighter location (but not direct sun!), but it can also tolerate partial shade.

zalivka Watering

It requires a slightly moist substrate, but it should not stand in water. In winter, we can let the top layer of the substrate dry slightly. In the summer, it can be fertilized, every 2-3 weeks.

vzduch Humidity

It needs high air humidity, otherwise the leaves turn yellow and fall. We mist the leaves often (perhaps even every day), at the same time you can place the pot with the plant on a saucer with wet pebbles / expanded clay. Once in a while we can shower the plant and wash off the dust that has stuck to the leaves.

mnozeni Propagation

We can propagate using young plants and offshoots that form on the plant over time.

problemy Common problems

At low air humidity, the tips of the leaves turn brown and dry. When the root ball dries out or there is a lack of light, the leaves turn yellow and fall off.
Kokedama Nephrolepis

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