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Vermicomposter Urbalive

The Urbalive vermicomposter is a container designed for home composting of kitchen biowaste using California earthworms . It can be used in homes, school classrooms or workplaces.

The Urbalive vermicomposter is made in such a way that composting is problem-free and easy to maintain and clean if you follow a few rules. It is made up of composting floors where earthworms work and where vermicompost is created into a container where the earthworm tea drains. Vermicompost contains effective enzymes and natural growth hormones. It is added to soil in flower pots and boxes. Earthworm tea is a high-quality organic fertilizer containing high amounts of nutrients and enzymes that help plants grow and keep them resistant to disease and pests.

Weight: 6.65 kg
Height: 60.5 cm
Width: 50.5 cm
Depth: 38 cm
FR: 9.82%

The modern version of the vermicomposter was designed by the Czech designer Jiří Pelcl. The Urbalive vermicomposter is a design piece that is proud of the RedDot Design Award and Good Design.

Vermicomposter Urbalive

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