Soy candle - Sweet almonds
Soy candle - Sweet almonds

Soy candle - Sweet almonds

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Handmade soy candle with the scent of sweet almonds and almond milk. Contains only 100% soy wax, cotton wick and essential oils.

Benefits of the candle
The candle is made in the Czech Republic from natural soy wax - soy. This is a 100% natural material that is non-toxic to humans, animals and the air and is an ecological alternative to commercially available candles. In addition, you will appreciate that soy wax burns longer than ordinary paraffin wax. The candle holds the scent beautifully and the wax does not drip. It is in recyclable dark glass, which you can also use in other ways.

It does not contain any synthetic perfumes, dyes, paraffin or harmful substances .

Packaging: Glass Amber Glass

Ingredients: Natural soy wax and aroma
Volume: 60ml, 120ml, 180ml

Soy candle - Sweet almonds

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