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Set of Ficus trio plants

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The package includes: plants transplanted by us in plastic pots.

A set of plants intended for ficus lovers . Included are 2 undemanding species of elastica Abidjan and the variegated species Tineke. The third plant in the set is Ficus Lyrata Bambino, a dwarf species of Ficus Lyrata. Ficuses are undemanding, popular houseplants, it is important to maintain proper watering and avoid drafts.

Set includes:

Difficulty: Advanced
Cleans the air: Yes
Pet Friendly: No
Suitable for hydroponics: Yes
Suitable for Kokedama: No

Approximate height of the plant with the pot : 20 - 40 cm
Diameter of the flower pot : 11 cm, 12 cm

Every plant is different, just like us humans. Please allow for a possible deviation in appearance compared to the product photo.

We wrote more about ficuses in our article .

Set of Ficus trio plants

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