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SANSI Led Grow bulb 24W

The most important thing for growing plants is enough light. That's why we offer you bulbs that we use ourselves.

The SANSI 24W led bulb with an E27 base uses the entire light spectrum, including UV and IR, to illuminate your plant, and unlike the blue-red spectrum, diseases or pests can be easily recognized on the plant.

With a power of 24W, the bulb reaches a PAR value of over 150umol/s/m2 , which in short means that it supplies your plant with exactly the light it needs for the proper course of life. The ceramic cooler of the LED chips does an excellent job of dissipating heat, which would shorten the life of the bulb after a longer period of lighting. If you want more take a look at the more powerful version of SANSI bulbs 36W and for weaker 15W . Both lamps are highly efficient and generate better quality light with a CRI value of 95 , which imitates sunlight even more faithfully (sunlight has a value of 100 ). The immense advantage of these full-spectrum bulbs remains the use throughout the entire life cycle of the plant.

The light bulb can be used in an ordinary socket, lamp, lamp or even in a chandelier. It is important to think about the type of socket E27 and that the bulb should point at the plant at a distance of 30 - 100 cm.

Spectral ratio
red: 36.23%
blue: 19.46%
green: 37.7%
FR: 6.61%

More information

400-499nm blue light helps promote photosynthesis and chlorophyll. 600-699nm red light is very useful for growth as well as flower and fruit. 380-400nm UV and violet radiation helps create plant pigment and release vitamin D, absorbs phosphorus and aluminum. 700-780nm IR (FR) helps regulate physiological activities such as flowering. 500-599nm green ray is important for plant morphology.

Light emitted in the entire spectrum allows use for all phases of growth. It gives the necessary light at every stage of the life cycle from germination, seedling, vegetative, flowering to fruit.

It is really full in this case, which is incomparable to sodium discharge lamps or spectral LED lights, which only have fluctuations in certain bands of the spectrum such as blue and red. This grow bulb with a total power of 24W will offer you an unusual revival of plants that you did not even hope for. The PAR values ​​here are measured at the maximum that can be achieved with this performance. The production and testing of these grow bulbs takes place in laboratory premises. The life of the bulb is ensured by the ceramic substrate , which immediately dissipates all excess heat , which would start to harm the chips after a longer period of time.

Diameter: 110 mm
Height: 120 mm
Weight: 300g
Coverage [m²] : up to 0.5
Power: 24W
Input voltage : 90 - 265V
Luminosity: 1830lm
Chromaticity : 4200k
CRI : 95
PPFD : 130 umol/s/m2
Beam angle : 60°
Material: PC + ceramic
Protection: IP20
Operating temperature: -25°C - 40°C
Lifespan: 25,000 hours
Certification: CCC, CE, CQC, ETL, FCC, RoHS

  • Recommended installation height: 30 - 100 cm above the top of the plant
  • The lighting time depends on the plant and its phase, usually around 12 hours of lighting for green plants
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses - office plants, herbs, vertical farms, palms, succulents, cacti, bonsai
SANSI Led Grow bulb 24W

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