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Probiotics for indoor plants Weiki

Houseplants need billions of beneficial microorganisms for healthy growth, hardiness and abundance of flowers. Much like us humans. Weiki probiotics help houseplants take root better, grow and put on more flowers with the help of lactobacilli and other useful weiki bacteria. You will enjoy blooming windowsills and the rooms will be in better condition overall. Results are visible after just one month.

How do weiki bacteria help?

  • It will encourage houseplants to grow, live and bloom.
  • It will encourage indoor plants to produce root exudates, which bacteria feed on, thus strengthening their root system.
  • It slows down the possible onset of the disease, softens its course. Indoor plants regenerate faster.
  • They continuously serve the necessary dose of phosphorus and potassium to indoor plants.
  • They are a great prevention because they create lactic acid and other substances that make life unpleasant for pathogens.
  • They give indoor plants the strength to cope with stress, environmental changes or transplanting, and to resist diseases and pests. This is thanks to the production of phytohormones.
  • Probiotics are completely harmless and ecological, so you can treat even edible indoor flowers with them without any worries.

More useful information can be found here (PDF)

Scope and method of use:

The auxiliary plant preparation can be applied to the leaf or to the substrate. Dose of product: 7ml (1 cap) +7L of water, recommended dilution 1:1000. Recommended application 1 in 10 days during the growing season. Shake before use.

Volume : 0.1L and 0.25L
Amount of dressing: for approx. 100L and 250 liters
Storage: keep in a cool and dry place, we recommend placing it in the refrigerator after opening the package (this will extend the shelf life of the probiotics by approx. 2 months)

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Probiotics for indoor plants Weiki

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