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Tin with leaves

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Are you a lover of maids and hot drinks at the same time? In the winter, do you warm up with a stove or cocoa and in the summer do you quench your thirst with tea? Then here we have something just for you ! However, these originally designed tins do not have to be used only for preparing drinks. It also suits succulents or smaller plants as their packaging.

Our tins have different designs with typical phrases that every indoor plant grower has heard more than once - WATER ME and DON'T OVERFLOW ME . They are therefore suitable for those who notoriously overwater plants, or, conversely, for forgetful people.

The inscriptions are taken out on white tin cups, which are decorated with minimalistic green leaves. In total, the tins are available in 2 variants. And a surprise awaits at the bottom of each of them - the inscription DOLEJ MĚ .

The mug is not only stylish, but also storable. Therefore, you can take it to the office, home, on trips or in nature. If you like them, do not hesitate to buy them, because they are in limited quantities.

The tins are enamelled and the print is screen printed.
Inner diameter: 8 cm
Outer diameter: 9 cm

Tin with leaves
Don't spill me - 299 Kč
  • Don't spill me - 299 Kč
  • water me - 299 Kč

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