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A painting made of scoop moss

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The original green decoration will brighten up your interior and bring a piece of nature into your apartment. The moss painting is made from genuine natural sedge moss, which is stabilized using ecological preservatives. Thanks to this, the image remains green and looks fresh for many years and is not subject to damage by other influences such as light, etc.

It is not recommended to place the moss painting in a place with direct sunlight, in very humid places and it must not come into contact with water.

What is stabilized moss? It is originally real forest moss or lichen from European forests, which is collected with respect to the environment. The moss is ecologically preserved and dyed using a preservative, which allows the moss to retain its mass, elasticity and color for many years. Moss may vary slightly in color as it is a natural product. Because it comes from forests, mosses may contain needles and other small objects. Stabilized moss is kept dry without water and excessive humidity, it is not watered, it is not cut and it is not placed in sunlight, where the colors could gradually fade.

Frame size: 25x25 cm and 35 x 35 cm

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A painting made of scoop moss
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  • Dark / 25x25 cm - 1 999 Kč
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