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Microgreens growing cup

Growing cup for growing microgreens from Tvoje Farma from the comfort of your home.

Inside you will find 2 x 100% coconut tablets, seeds for 2 growing cycles .

- different kinds

- 2x 100% coconut tablet

- seeds for 2 growing cycles

- fresh sprouts right in your kitchen

- biodegradable cup

The seedling is from controlled organic farming for the cultivation of sprouts (DE ÖKO 006). The cup and its contents are designed to be biodegradable and not burden nature. Once you have finished growing, you can safely throw the cup into the compost, for example.

Grow your own microgreens right from the comfort of your home and have healthy and tasty vegetables on your plate every day. With microgreens, you can easily add flavor to any dish. This will give your food a great look, but also a lot of other vitamins and minerals.

It is best used raw, for example in: salads, on bread, for juicing, in smoothies, as herb curd, dips or as a decoration of your dishes.

Made in the Czech Republic.
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Microgreens growing cup

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