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Maranta Noid (A)
Maranta Noid (A)
Maranta Noid (A)
  • Maranta Noid (A)
  • Maranta Noid (A)
  • Maranta Noid (A)

Maranta Noid (A)

End date: 09-19-2022 - 12:00:00 PM
Winning bid: 550 Kč (1 bid)

Information for the auction:

The starting price of the auction plant is CZK 550. Each bidder must be a registered customer of our e-shop and have billing and contact information filled in (e-mail, telephone, delivery address, first and last name.) The minimum bid is CZK 50. You will always be notified automatically by e-mail about bid changes. In case of confusion, contact us. Shipping outside of personal pickup is CZK 129, which will be charged on the invoice. In case of confusion, contact us.

Up for auction is a very rare Marantha Noid

Plant height: 30 cm with pot

Diameter of the flower pot: 12 cm

About the plant:

Arrowroot comes from the tropical regions of South and Central America and belongs to the slow-growing, low, shrub-like plants with thin stems and relatively wide and large leaves. In the rainforest, it forms a dense undergrowth, most often in the shade of tall trees. Maranta together with the genera Calathea, Ctenanthe and Stromanthe form a very similar group of so-called prayer plants . They are called so because they always begin to straighten their leaves towards evening, which can resemble hands folded in prayer. In the morning, they delight and open their leaves again.

Maranta NoId is a very rare rare variety that is characterized by its oval leaves with a beautiful darker green color. In summer, white-purple flowers may appear on the stems. Marantha does not have an official name, so it is referred to as "NoID"

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K******* S***** 550 Kč 09-19-2022 - 11:59:36 AM
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