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Adhesive for moss walls

Special glue from the manufacturer of stabilized mosses. Can be applied to almost all surfaces. Wood, glass, metal or plasterboard, etc.

Adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate, intended for gluing stabilized moss. The ultimate strength corresponds to the values ​​according to EN 204 in class D2. The glue is applied evenly to the cleaned surface. Minimum application temperature +15 °C. Not intended for long-term storage. After opening, we recommend consuming within 24 hours.


  • Based on an aqueous dispersion
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, hygienic and harmless to health
  • It meets the conditions for climatic stress according to the ČSN EN 204 standard for class D2
  • After drying, the adhesive film is relatively hard and no longer sticky
  • Base - material: dispersion, additives containing polyvinyl alcohol.

Glue consumption:
0.25 kg per 0.15 m2
0.8 kg per 0.5 m2

Adhesive for moss walls

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