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Euphorbia trigona

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Euphorbia is photographed in a Ferry pot.

The package includes: a plant in a plastic pot.

Go away ( Euphorbia ) ​​belongs to the spurge family. It comes from tropical and subtropical regions of America and Africa. These are succulent plants resembling cactus. However, it is not a cactus and most species of prickly pear do not have thorns.

Euphorbia trigona rubra is an unpretentious shrub growing up to 2 meters in size. Its appearance resembles a cactus and it has a reddish color. It contains white latex, which is poisonous to the touch after ingestion and is not suitable for children or pets.

Difficulty : For beginners
Cleans the air : No
Suitable for pets : No

Approximate height of plant with pot : 20 cm
Diameter of the flower pot : 12 cm

Every plant is different, just like us humans. Please allow for a possible deviation in appearance compared to the product photo.

svetlo Light

The plant requires a lot of light and loves full sun. It is also possible to spend the summer outside in warm weather.

zalivka Watering

We water approximately once every 14 days after the substrate has completely dried. We will limit watering in the winter months.

vzduch Humidity

The plant likes a warmer environment. It can tolerate a colder environment in the winter months.

mnozeni Propagation

We propagate by leaf cuttings.

problemy Common problems

Yellowing and softening of the leaves causes overflow. Worms are a common pest.
Euphorbia trigona

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