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Euphorbia ingens Variegata (A)
Euphorbia ingens Variegata (A)
  • Euphorbia ingens Variegata (A)
  • Euphorbia ingens Variegata (A)

Euphorbia ingens Variegata (A)

End date: 05-02-2023 - 10:00:00 AM
Winning bid: 600 Kč (5 bids)

The bidder must be a registered customer of our e-shop and have completed invoicing and contact information (e-mail, telephone, delivery address, first and last name). In the case of incomplete billing information, you need to contact within 24 hours, then the auction will be forfeited to the next bidder in the order. You will always be notified automatically by e-mail about bid changes. In case of confusion, contact us.

Initial price: 210 CZK

Minimum bid: CZK 50

Shipping: PPL / personal collection

About the plant:

Euphorbia belongs to the Euphorbia family . It comes from tropical and subtropical regions of America and Africa. These are succulent plants resembling cactus. However, it is not a cactus and most species of prickly pear do not have thorns.

Euphorbia ingens Variegata is an unpretentious shrub growing up to 2 meters in size. Its appearance resembles a cactus and it has a light color with a noticeable annealing. It contains white latex, which is poisonous to the touch after ingestion and is not suitable for children or pets.

Difficulty: For beginners

Cleans the air: No

Pet Friendly: No

Approximate height of plant with pot: 60 cm

Diameter of the flower pot: 17 cm

The plant is in a plastic pot

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Bidder Amount Date
A**** P******* 600 Kč 04-28-2023 - 10:07:44 AM
A**** P******* 550 Kč 04-27-2023 - 09:32:52 PM
A****** F*********** 500 Kč 04-27-2023 - 03:04:44 PM
J*** K********* 450 Kč 04-27-2023 - 02:03:01 PM
Z***** P******* 400 Kč 04-25-2023 - 03:00:56 PM
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