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Gift set - Tillandsia in glass & bulb

Gift set of 2 Tillandsia in glass ball and glass bulb. Both can be hung or just left on the shelf. You can easily remove the plant from them.

Tillandsia (sometimes they are also called Kykatka) are interesting aerial plants in English airplants, which belong to the family of bromeliad plants. They live only from air and atmospheric moisture, which they absorb with their leaves. They grow attached to trees, bushes, even rocks, but not as parasites, but as epiphytes. This means that they only live on the plant, but do not take any nutrients from it. They come from subtropical and tropical South and Central America and the southern part of North America, elsewhere they are grown as houseplants.

Cultivating tillandsias is undemanding, they do not need any pot or substrate. They look great in all kinds of terrariums, tied to a wooden base, bark, in pots, we can attach them to a snail shell or a seashell, there are no limits to imagination.

Gift set - Tillandsia in glass & bulb

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