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Cycas Revoluta
Cycas Revoluta
Cycas Revoluta
Cycas Revoluta
Cycas Revoluta
Cycas Revoluta
Cycas Revoluta
Cycas Revoluta

Cycas Revoluta

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Breeder: Duijn-Hove
The package contains a plant in a plastic pot.

About the plant:

Cycas revoluta , Czech Japanese cycad from the cycad genus is one of the oldest plants on the planet and also belongs to plants that live for several centuries. It is a slow-growing tropical plant that resembles palm trees in appearance, although it has nothing to do with palm trees. It originally comes from Japan, but today it can be seen in almost all tropical areas. The cycad is a dioecious plant, which means that it has both male and female flowers, but you usually don't see that for several decades. New leaves grow usually only once a year, rarely twice a year, yellow and limp old leaves can be cut off. New leaves are usually very soft and susceptible, hardening and darkening over time. Cycad contains a strong neurotoxin that is poisonous, as well as its seeds, which can cause death in smaller creatures if ingested, it is not a suitable plant for pets and small children.

Cycad revoluta has a large stocky and rough trunk that is above the ground from which grow longer dark green leaves. When transplanting, the neck must not remain above the ground. The recommended transplanting of this plant is approx. 1x every 2-3 years, depending on the size of the plant.

Difficulty: For beginners
Cleans the air: No
Pet Friendly: No

Approximate height of plant with pot : 65 cm
Diameter of the flower pot : 17 cm

Every plant is different, just like us humans. Please allow for a possible deviation in appearance compared to the product photo.

svetlo Light

Cycads require a very bright habitat. In the summer, it is possible to spend the summer protected from direct sunlight. Place near a window in winter, leaves start to turn yellow in a darker environment.

zalivka Watering

Always allow the cycad to dry out before watering again. It requires a permeable substrate that allows water to flow through but remains moist. E.g. substrate for cacti is suitable.

vzduch Humidity

Cycas prefers increased humidity, dew is possible. In the summer months, the ideal temperature is 22 - 30° C. In the winter months, we place it in a cool and sunny place at a temperature of 10 - 15° C. In a warm environment in winter and lack of light, the leaves can dry out and new ones may not be kept.

mnozeni Propagation

Cycads are propagated by seeds if they produce them or by dividing the root. Propagation of this plant is more difficult.

problemy Common problems

The cycad is sensitive to light, the lack of light is manifested by yellowing of the leaves and their drying. With a lack of light, the new leaves can stretch higher and are smaller. From the parasites, it can attract the attention of maggots, mealybugs, weevils or ladybugs.
Cycas Revoluta

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