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Tips for Christmas plant gifts

It is here! Year after year, the first advent is behind us - and soon Christmas itself. In this magical period, we like to give gifts to our nearest and dearest. You may have already managed to get all your Christmas presents, but for those of you who are still looking for inspiration, we have written some tips for a happy and green Christmas!


It wouldn't be a green Christmas without beautiful, living houseplants. We have a wide range of various species and we will be happy to advise you on choosing the most suitable plant. Join us in the plant forum on Facebook.


If you like to surprise others with your gifts, you can't go wrong with a kokedama. A roomie wrapped in moss? Who has it!

Green subscription 

If you are not sure which maids would make your loved ones happy, try to surprise yourself and them, for example by purchasinga green subscription . We offer different types, for example for 3, 6 to 12 months - in which you will receive a completely new room as a surprise. You can take a look at our instagram to see what roomies we have already sent to subscribers this year.

Stylish, designer flower pot 

Almost every grower likes to find it under the tree. There are never enough flower pots - especially the interesting and stylish ones. And such a roommate in a new flowerpot will make you twice as happy.

A workshop, for example the one from us 

We will show you how to properly take care of houseplants of all kinds like a pro, or you can make a kokedama , florarium and other workshops with us, where you will learn, for example, how to grow plants in hydroponics , how to create moss paintings , etc. Another advantage of this gift is a joint trip to Prague with us!

Supplements of all kinds, not just for plants

And what to add to the plant collection if not another maid? How about a transplant mat , which is a great helper! It will definitely come in handy in the spring! Nice watering cans , sprayers or flowerpots or adjustable or moss supports and poles will also come in handy. For macrame lovers, you can buy Bobbiny yarn or use it to make a curtain for a flower pot yourself according to our instructions. Andfor candle lovers, we also have some scented ones here!

DMP Merch 

Have fun with our brand! We offer cute little tins that remind us to water our plants or, conversely, not to overwater them, but we also like to put a kettle or hot tea in them.

You can already buy a canvas bag with the inscription: "Give me a room[ovka]" in our e-shop, and men's, women's and children's t-shirts are ready for you at any moment.

Moss painting 

Is it green, is it an unusual yet stylish decoration? That's what a moss painting is without a doubt - easy to maintain and looks great!

Gift Voucher

And if you didn't find the right one in this list and you're still not sure about the choice, a gift voucher is always a pleasure - and the recipient can choose the gift himself!

Pre-Christmas preparations are at their peak and we want to wish you a wonderful start to Advent!

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